Episode 23 - The Snake’s Salvation

July 19, 2017

Russ Butcher is back from vacation and he talks with Nathan Boyd about the importance of being born again. Be encouraged and challenged today as you listen to this conversation. 


Episode 11 - Leveraging Easter

March 29, 2017

Russ and Nathan sit down and discuss the importance of Easter as well as how you can leverage Easter to invite your friends and family to church. 

Seven Ways to Leverage Easter:

1. Pray for people by name

2. Invite people to eat before or after church

3. Pick them up, ride together to church

4. Give all the details about the service

5. Have compassion about their insecurities

6. Use Social Media

7. If all else fails...just ask!


*List originally found at http://brentwoodbaptist.com/articles/7-ways-to-invite-people-to-easter-sunday/


Episode 8 - Why is Community Ministry Important? (Guest: Mike Linch)

March 8, 2017

On March 2nd, 2017 Church at the Grove hosted a leadership event for other pastors and church planters in our community with Mike Linch. Mike is the pastor of Northstar Church and he joins the podcast for a special leadership message on community ministry. Mike and the church he leads are incredible at serving and reaching their local community. We know that you will be challenged and encouraged by Mike's teaching. 


Episode 4 - Multiply

February 8, 2017

Nathan and Russ talk about the importance of multiplication, and before you unsubscribe we aren't talking algebra. We are talking about multiplying groups, services, and churches. Healthy things grow and healthy growth always has multiplication. 

Listen as Russ and Nathan share about why Social Circle recently went to two services on Sunday morning. They also share about the future of Church at the Grove and what a third campus might look like. 

Join us for episode 4 of Beyond Sundays Podcast

p.s. Congrats Laurie Hester for being the big winner for the Dinner and a Movie Giveaway!! Congrats!


Episode 3 - Talk About What You Love

February 1, 2017

Every day we spend our time talking about these things that we love the most. For some, it might be sports, for others it might be food. Some people love to talk about business while others talk about entertainment news. Whatever your topic of conversation might be one thing is clear, you talk about the things that you love. 

In this podcast, Russ and Nathan unpack the importance of evangelism. While intimidating for many, Russ and Nathan break down this topic and share practical easy ways that you can share your faith. Don't miss our on Episode 3 - Talk About What You Love.

Also, as a special bonus, be sure to listen to the entire podcast for your chance to win a dinner and movie gift card set.