Episode 27 - Responding to Charlottesville

August 17, 2017

Russ Butcher is joined by Shane Smith to respond to the events that erupted last Saturday in Charlottesville, VA.


Episode 26 - Join the Joshua Generation

August 9, 2017

Nathan Boyd is joined by Shane Smith to discuss the opportunity for Christians today to become conquerors and kingdom builders like Joshua's generation, in contrast to the previous generation that shrank back in fear from God's promises. This picture has applications for us together at Church at the Grove and personally.


Episode 25 - Five Ways to Pray for Your Kids as School Begins

August 2, 2017

Russ and Nathan talk about kids going back to school and how we can best pray for our kids. Take a listen and be challenged to pray for your kids and other students in the days ahead. 


Episode 24 - Falling into the Fall

July 26, 2017

Nathan and Russ share about how to leverage the fall to help your upward, inward, and outward relationships


Episode 22 - Fear vs Faith (Num 14)

July 12, 2017

Nathan Boyd is joined by Shane Smith, Tyler Cloud, and Pat Hardin this week to discuss struggles of fear and faith as applied from last Sunday's scripture passage, Numbers 13-14. Real-life fears are shared along with the hope for how they can be overcome.


Episode 21 - Missional Purpose

June 21, 2017

Family on Mission Triangle

Nathan Boyd discusses the basic components of a healthy family on mission with Shane Smith (filling in for Russ Butcher). This week, they focus on the third component, missional purpose. Much of our content for family on mission is drawn from the teaching and writing of Mike and Sally Breen, especially in their book Family on Mission.


Episode 20 - Predictable Patterns

June 14, 2017

Family on Mission Triangle

Russ Butcher discusses basic components of a healthy family on mission with Shane Smith (filling in for Nathan Boyd). This week, they focus on the second component, predictable patterns


Episode 19 - Spiritual Parents

June 7, 2017

Family on Mission Triangle

Russ Butcher starts a discussion about the basic components of building a healthy family on mission. With guest Shane Smith (filling in for Nathan Boyd this week), they focus on the first component, spiritual parents. 


Episode 17 - Responding to God’s Voice (2)

May 17, 2017

Russ Butcher continues the discussion about hearing and responding to God's work in our lives with guest Shane Smith, filling in for Nathan Boyd this week. They discuss a guide for life-changing responses to God's voice, called the Learning Circle. 

The Learning Circle


Episode 15 - Work from Rest

May 3, 2017

Pat Hardin and Shane Smith join Nathan while Russ is out-of-town to discuss the importance of rest and work. This episode will challenge the way that you view your schedule and your daily, weekly, and yearly rhythms.